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The passion for play is probably as old, and will be as enduring, as the race of man. Some of us are too timid to risk a dollar, but the percentage of people in this feverish nation who would not enjoy winning one is very small. The passion culminates in the professional. He would rather play than eat. Winning is not his sole delight. Some one has remarked that there is but one pleasure in life greater than winning, that is, in making the hazard.

Online Poker

Australia Poker

Australian poker include some interesting articles on poker game like video poker, information about poker, cards and limit system. If you want to join us then click here and read. Australia Poker

Shane Warne Game

hane Warne will be playing a lot of poker this year as Captain of the 888 Poker Australian Poker Team. He will compete at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, the 888 UK Poker Open, South African Championships and more... Shane Warne


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