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Casino Canberra

At Casino Canberra it’s easy to play POKER.

The main appeal of Canberra Poker is poker games, and the Boomerang Jackpot which sometimes exceeds $200,000 for a Royal Flush.

In order to qualify for the jackpot you must place a dollar chip in the space provided on the layout before each game and before any cards are dealt.

Canberra Poker is based on onlien poker gamesFive Card Stud Poker where the players play individually against the house. For an initial stake otherwise known as an Ante, players receive five cards face down while the Croupier receives four cards face down and one face up.

The order of value of a winning hand is:

Royal Flush - Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace in the same suit
Straight Flush - five consecutive cards in the same suit
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind
Two Pairs
One Pair

That jackpot just keeps getting bigger and bigger and sometimes even a single high card such as a King or Queen can be enough to win.

Purchasing Chips

You are able to purchase your casino chips at any of the tables. Simply place the cash amount you wish to invest on the table and the Croupier will pass you the equivalent in chips.

The value of the poker game chip is clearly printed on each face. You can also use your chips to pay for Keno tickets.

Chips can be redeemed for cash at the Cashier's window at any time.

Poker Lounge

In the Poker Lounge you can play poker games, and play against the other players at the table rather than the House.

The games played in the poker lounge are:

Five and Seven Card Stud
Canberra Manila
Texas Hold-em
Draw Poker

poker game

The Croupier always deals and the Casino takes a nominal percentage of the winnings.

There are up to six tables operating simultaneously in the Poker Lounge and a sign indicates which games are in progress.

If you see an opening you can join in straight away. Table limits range from $1 upwards. You can play as few or as many hands as you like.

If there is no opening straight away in the poker games just add your name to the waiting list and you will be called when a seat becomes available.

The minimum gaming age is 18 and you must be smartly dressed to enter the casino.

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