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Star City Sydney

poker games are as much a game of skill as it is strategy and offers players a chance to test their skills against other players.

Star City offers the following variations of poker games:

Draw Poker
5 and 7 Card Stud
Texas Hold 'Em

Each poker game variation has different rules and strategies but the object is always the same - to end up with the best possible five-card hand and to beat the other players to win the combined wagers or 'pot.' This is achieved by either obtaining the highest-ranking hand or by bluffing the other players into thinking that you have the highest-ranking hand and thereby forcing them to fold.

At Star City each poker game has a minimum 'buy-in' amount, which will be displayed along with the table limits.

The role of the casino is simply one of host and Star City provides a dealer, the necessary equipment and a variety of poker games in a secure and exciting environment.

For providing these services Star City takes a small commission which can be either a percentage of the pot, a fee per hand, or a time charge on each person playing poker games.

poker game Player integrity

If an error has been made or is about to be made then any player that is aware of this has an obligation to point it out to the dealer.

During play you must announce your intentions. All bets and raises, unless verbally declared, should be placed in one hand motion.

Placing bets and raises in a delayed motion is known as "string betting" or "string raising" and is deemed to be unacceptable conduct.

poker game Code of Conduct

In order to establish and maintain a pleasant environment for its customers and employees Star City has enforced a Poker Code of Conduct.

A few tips are offered below on etiquette that will help you feel more at home at the table.

• Players are expected to pay attention to the game and know when it is their turn and what the action is.
• Players should play at a reasonable speed and not take too long on a decision as this can be frustrating for other players waiting.
• Players should protect and conceal their hands. If another player can see your cards then the rest of the table must see them also. The dealer may enforce this.


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