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Sheraton Breakwater Casino Queensland

The Sheraton Breakwater is a superior first class hotel and casino with good online poker gaming action located on the beach front overlooking Cleveland Bay. poker games are rumored to be the first fully themed casino in Australia and attracts close to 2500 visitors per day.
It has about 32 tables, 274 gaming machines and there is also $1 and $2 progressive jackpots on video poker games.

There are 80 slots, 138 video poker games including: 200, A$1, A$2 draw card progressive.

The largest slot jackpot paid was A$14,000 and the largest video poker game jackpot paid was A$75,000.33 tables (15 blackjack (A$2 - 5,000), 1 craps (A$2 - 1,000), 8 English roulette "0" (A$2 - 100), 3 baccarat (A$10 - 50,000), 2 big six (A$2 - 400), 1 sic bo (A$2 - 1,000), 2 two up (A$2 - 1,000), 2 poker), keno.
The Stateroom (high rollers) has higher minimums on table poker games; Roulette, Pai Gow, Blackjack & Baccarat. A higher dress code also applies to The Stateroom than in the casino. However, The Stateroom, unlike other high roller rooms elsewhere, is open to everyone, including online poker participants.

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