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Since the night of times, the man always was attracts by the play. From this passion comes which transcends the borders, the religions and the cultures? What pushes the man has to thus risk its to have in the hope to carry out an unspecified profit? Why a dollar gained with the green table seem does to have more value with the eyes of the player than a dollar for which it worked? The extras to gain does the setting with a weak hand compensate for frustration to lose with a very strong hand? Who knows? Perhaps that while playing, the man tests the feeling to control his destiny. Perhaps this is also the pleasure of overcoming the probabilities or, quite simply, that of gaining money at the expense of its adversaries. But a fact remains: play is part integral of life of man and if it is a play which incarnates this reality, it is well the poker.

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Dealers Option

A great many poker players become bored if one game is played all evening. As a result Dealer's Option, in which the dealer has the right to name the conditions of play, has acquired great popularity. In playing Dealer's Option the following points should be kept in mind:... Dealers Option

Deuce Rule

The games there were soft. My BR fluctuated between $10,000 and $50, 000 for a few months. Then winter came, the winter of 1975, and it was a bad period for me. My luck was just rotten, and I didn’t have the good sense to step down. I was still bashing my skull into the bricks, trying to play games for which my bankroll was inadequate. Almost overnight, I found myself nearly broke.Shirley tried to soothe my agonies. Stable Shirley, understanding Shirley, optimistic Shirley. Truly a gambler’s woman... Deuce Rule

Draw Poker Bluff

If a group has been playing regular Draw Poker and wishes to try this game, my suggestion is that they keep the same nominal stakes but settle for one third or one quarter, The reason for this being that the number of chips usually lost in this game is about three or four times as many as in regular Draw Poker... Draw Poker Bluff

Money Management

Serious poker cannot be played without money. Unless cash or something of monetary value backs up the chips, such principles of poker as the bluff lack force. Some philosophical gamblers-Nick the Greek, for one-have said that money should be important only as a means of keeping score. Even so, the score in poker is reckoned not by a tally of the pots a player has won during a session but by the amount of capital he has gained or lost...Money Management

Number Game Operation

We’ll begin our description of how the Numbers game works by defining some terms and listing the personnel. Agent: A person who solicits bets on the Numbers. A storekeeper, shoeshine boy, newsstand poker operator, or an employee of a hotel, office building, industrial plant, etc. In some sections of the country the agent is called a runner... Number Game Operation

Play With Precision

Unlike the other games that use a standard 52-card deck, Joker Wild adds the joker and deals from a 53-card deck. In live casino poker, the joker is usually a semi wild card, good only for aces, straights and flushes. In video poker, however, the joker is completely wild and substitutes for any needed card. This variation spurred the players'' interest and paved the way for other wild card games...Play With Precision

Poker Principles

Since I was really annoyed with him, I decided to prolong his agony and asked him in a faint voice how he knew this He replied, "Because you have a bad habit. All evening, every time you got an ace or a king in the hole, you preceded to pile chips on it. As I said at dinner, bridge player I know nothing of psychology." Turning over my hole card with one hand and reaching for the pot with the other, I merely remarked, "I still think you're mistaken."... Poker Principles

Shuffling Strategy

Old hands often reappear on the next deal (ghost hands), especially when the shuffling is incomplete (the good player encourages sloppy and incomplete shuffling). For example, a good player is sitting under the gun (on the dealer’s left) and needs a King to fill his straight flush in stud. Now the last card dealt in that round (the dealer’s card) is a King; the good player remembers the previous hand was draw poker where the winner had three Kings... Shuffling Strategy

Straight Flush

I first had to learn the poker game. When the straight flush pays more, there are several differences in strategy. To find out what they were, I tried to check the hands systematically, investigating those with straight flush potential. I first looked at 4-card straight flushes compared to 5-card straights hands such as 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8C. It turns out that it’s still slightly better to keep the straight, as long as all cards are ten or below. However, if there are one or more high cards in the straight flush, as in 8S, 9S, TS, Jack S, Queen H, it’s better to try for the straight flush... Straight Flush

Stud Rules

When Five Card Stud Poker is played properly real competition occurs in less than one hand in ten and furthermore, when this real competition does occur, it is usually restricted to two players. As a result, ordinary Stud is more of a gambling game than a light pastime. However, for those who want to play it there are six basic rules which should be followed almost implicitly... Stud Rules

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