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Since the night of times, the man always was attracts by the play. From this passion comes which transcends the borders, the religions and the cultures? What pushes the man has to thus risk its to have in the hope to carry out an unspecified profit? Why a dollar gained with the green table seem does to have more value with the eyes of the player than a dollar for which it worked? The extras to gain does the setting with a weak hand compensate for frustration to lose with a very strong hand? Who knows? Perhaps that while playing, the man tests the feeling to control his destiny. Perhaps this is also the pleasure of overcoming the probabilities or, quite simply, that of gaining money at the expense of its adversaries. But a fact remains: play is part integral of life of man and if it is a play which incarnates this reality, it is well the poker.

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 Poker Online Dealer's Option

Dealer's Option

A great many poker players become bored if one game is played all evening. As a result Dealer's Option, in which the dealer has the right to name the conditions of play, has acquired great popularity. In playing Dealer's Option the following points should be kept in mind:
1. The dealer's option should be restricted to not more than seven or eight games. Otherwise the players simply vie with one another in seeing what absurdities they can concoct. In playing Dealer's Option you should beware of this. For instance, I know one man who claimed he had a surefire system of winning in that game. When asked what it was he explained, "Whenever I deal, I deal a hand of straight Draw Poker with the deuces, threes, and fours wild and the further provision that the high hand and the dealer split the pot!"
2. Every time a new game is played with rule and it has the same effect as an increase in stakes, the reason being that at first the players have a distinct tendency to overvalue their hands and hence bet more, proportionately, than they would in a familiar game.
3. The factor of skill is increased and the element of luck decreased. A lot of people are going to disagree with this statement, but there is a distinct reason for it. If only one or two games are played, after a while even the poorest players obtain a pretty good idea of what a hand is worth and how to play it. But when each deal presents something entirely new it takes an expert to know what is going on.


Each player is dealt four cards and one card is faced up in the center. This card and all like it are wild, and it is counted as part of your hand. Otherwise the conditions of the game are the same as in Draw, and after a round of betting the players draw to their hands and bet again. In playing this game you should bear in mind that every player starts with one joker and that there are three more jokers in the deck. If you haven't got them, someone else almost surely has. As a result, nothing less than four of a kind is likely to win any pot, and even a small straight flush is nothing to get too excited about although it is a fairly good hand. There is no point whatsoever in staying with a pat straight or flush, much less trying to make one. In deciding whether to stay, a joker in your hand is much more valuable than a pair. I would suggest the following minimum requirements for staying in the pot: (a) a joker; (b) a pair of aces or kings; (c) two pairs, jacks up or better.
With the last hand, if there is a raise before the draw, either drop out or discard your small pair since your full house is not going to win the pot. Spit-in-the-Ocean is also frequently played with three cards in the center and four in each player's hand. The cards are turned up one at a time, each exposure being followed by a round of betting, after which there is a draw and a final round. In this game, even though no cards are wild, you should not expect ever to win a pot with less than a high flush.


In this poker online game there are five cards in your hand and five in the center. Nothing is wild and there is no draw, but there are five rounds of betting, one round following the turning up of each of the center cards. A straight may win a pot, and a big flush has about an even chance of standing up.

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