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Since the night of times, the man always was attracts by the play. From this passion comes which transcends the borders, the religions and the cultures? What pushes the man has to thus risk its to have in the hope to carry out an unspecified profit? Why a dollar gained with the green table seem does to have more value with the eyes of the player than a dollar for which it worked? The extras to gain does the setting with a weak hand compensate for frustration to lose with a very strong hand? Who knows? Perhaps that while playing, the man tests the feeling to control his destiny. Perhaps this is also the pleasure of overcoming the probabilities or, quite simply, that of gaining money at the expense of its adversaries. But a fact remains: play is part integral of life of man and if it is a play which incarnates this reality, it is well the poker.

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 Poker Strategy at Online

Shuffling Strategy

Old hands often reappear on the next deal (ghost hands), especially when the shuffling is incomplete (the good player encourages sloppy and incomplete shuffling). For example, a good player is sitting under the gun (on the dealer’s left) and needs a King to fill his straight flush in stud. Now the last card dealt in that round (the dealer’s card) is a King; the good player remembers the previous hand was draw poker where the winner had three Kings. Since the deck had been poorly shuffled, there is a good chance that the next card (his card) will also be a King. Knowing this, he now has a big betting advantage.
John Finn memorizes all exposed and flashed cards. He mentally organizes every exposed stud card into one of the four following categories by saying to himself, for example ... Sid’s two of Hearts would help -
1. My hand
2. His (Sid’s) hand
3. Another opponents (i.e.: Quentin’s) hand
4. No one’s hand.
This association of each poker card with a definite hand aids his memory. Now if Sid folds and his two of Hearts is the first card to go on the bottom of the deck, John would say to himself… the fifty-third card is the two of Hearts. Then by counting the dealt cards, he will know when and to whom that card will be re deal. By this procedure, he often knows many of the cards that could be re deal. For example, he may know the 53, 54, 57, 60, and 61st card ... the cards he knows depend on how the folded cards are put on the bottom of the deck.

Seeing Flashed Cards (54)

Many important cards are flashed during a game. Players who see flashed cards are not cheating. Cheating occurs only through a deliberate physical action to see unexposed cards. For example, a player who is dealing and purposely looks at the bottom card of the deck is cheating. But a player who sees cards flashed by someone else violates no rules or ethic. To see the maximum number of flashed cards, one m know when and where to expect them. When the mind alert to flashing cards, the eye can be trained to spot a identify them. Cards often flash when -

1. They are dealt
2. A player picks up his hand or draw cards
3. A player looks at his cards or ruffles them through fingers
4. A kibitzer or peeker picks up the cards of another player (a peeker is often more careless about flashing someone else’s cards than his own)
5. A player folds his hand or throws in discards
6. Cards reflect in a player’s eyeglasses.

The good poker online player occasionally tells a player to hold back his cards or warns a dealer that he is flashing cards; He does this to create an image of "honesty", which keeps opponent from suspecting his constant use of flashed cards. He knows his warnings have little permanent effect on stopping player from flashing cards. In fact warned players usually become more careless about flashing because of their increased confidence in the "honesty" of the game.

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