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High Spade

This term designates a method “Of extrinsic betting a poker deal”. Two or more of the poker players put their wagers into a side pot, which is won by the participant who catches the highest spade. Unless it fills a Bush, the high spade, as such, has no bearing on the poker hands. Too much action on high spade distracts the players from poker and considerably slows down the game. Consequently, serious poker players usually discourage high spade and other such games of pure chance. (Why give a sucker an even break?) Moreover, the bets at high spade often shoot up beyond all proportion to the limits of the poker game itself. But most players are sport enough to indulge in high spade on such occasions as determining who pays for the beer or who gets an odd chip from a split pot. Sometimes low spade is played. The ace is high in most poker groups, but some do play it low. Ask.

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Poker Cards

Chicago is dealt exactly like Seven-Card Stud. The big difference is that the high spade in the hole wins half the pot. The probabilities for making the various Poker hands in Seven-Card Stud will apply to Chicago--but the minimum staying requirements are much more stringent because the high hand wins only half the pot. In my opinion, anything less than triplets or a pair of aces on the first three cards should be folded at once unless you also have a high spade in the hole. Poker

Poker Players

Types of Players Know thin enemy; Know Thyself. The more poker you play, the better you will become at identifying certain types of players. Though it’s no guarantee of complete success, once you have an understanding of how a player approaches the game, you will have gained some much-needed knowledge that will help you read their cards and win some pots. While playing, observe your opponents style and betting patterns. Poker

Poker Slots

One of the most common promotions is a bonus on four-of-a-kind (quads). How much would be added to a regular Jacks-or-Better game if a casino offers to pay an additional 100 coins on any quads? The Payoff Schedule - Jacks-or-Better shows that the regular 125-coin payoff for quads yields 5.91 % of the payback. With no strategy changes, adding 100 coins to the payoff would add 100/125 of 5.91 %, or 4.73%, bringing the total payback to 104.25%. Poker

Poker Omaha

The widow in Omaha, combined with the fact that players have four cards to choose from, provides a wealth of information. For instance, if you see a pair in the widow, you should assume that at least one player has a full house. Because more than one player can have the full house, you should make sure that you can beat it with higher cards. For instance, if two 7s are showing, and someone is betting fairly aggressively, you should assume that he or she is using that pair toward a full house. Poker

Precision Play

Precision Play is a computer-derived and player-proven technique for achieving the best win rate at certain video poker games. This is not the first file on video poker, and it obviously will not be the last, but it is the easiest to use without sacrificing expected win rate. For most players, Precision Play is optimum play. Before Precision Play there were only hand rank tables, such as "guidelines"or "tips" that were often harder to follow than the Precision Play rules even though they fell far short of achieving any game’s potential payback. Poker

Acrobatic Jacks

In effect: The Jacks are placed by the company at top, bottom, and middle of the deck, and keep constantly changing positions in most remarkable manner. Acrobatic Jacks

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