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High Spade

This term designates a method “Of extrinsic betting a poker deal”. Two or more of the poker players put their wagers into a side pot, which is won by the participant who catches the highest spade. Unless it fills a Bush, the high spade, as such, has no bearing on the poker hands. Too much action on high spade distracts the players from poker and considerably slows down the game. Consequently, serious poker players usually discourage high spade and other such games of pure chance. (Why give a sucker an even break?) Moreover, the bets at high spade often shoot up beyond all proportion to the limits of the poker game itself. But most players are sport enough to indulge in high spade on such occasions as determining who pays for the beer or who gets an odd chip from a split pot. Sometimes low spade is played. The ace is high in most poker groups, but some do play it low. Ask.

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Poker Online Jacks Game

The Acrobatic Jacks

In effect: The Jacks are placed by the company at top, bottom, and middle of the deck, and keep constantly changing positions in most remarkable manner.

Sleights: One- and Two-Hand Shifts

Patter and Execution: “Ladies and gentlemen: You have all doubtless been interested or amused, at one time or another, by the remarkable performances of educated animals. The dog, the pony, the elephant, and even the pig, have all been carefully trained to understand and obey each word or sign of their masters. But have you ever witnessed the performance of an educated pack of cards? You do not know that poker cards can be educated? I assure you that it is quite possible, and I shall demonstrate the truth of my assertion. Moreover, I have discovered in my efforts to educate my fifty-two pupils that they, like the members of any other family, possess certain individual characteristics or temperaments, and I have endeavored to develop the special talents of each, in the direction most in keeping with the natural bent.

Balck Jack

“I shall select the four Jacks for the purpose of illustrating how an original athletic tendency that was early manifested by them has been developed by a system of training, until they have acquired a degree of skill in acrobatic feats that is truly remarkable. I wish two ladies or gentlemen in the audience to assist me, by each holding two of the poker online Jacks.” (Give two red Jacks to spectator, whom we shall designate as A., and two black Jacks to second spectator, whom we shall call B. Then to A.) “Will you, sir, place one of the red Jacks on top of the deck? Thank you. And will you (to B.) place one of the black Jacks in the middle of the deck?” (Open pack with left thumb bookwise, ready for the “Charher Pass,” and when Jack is inserted shift packets.)
“Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a red Jack on top, and a black Jack in the middle, and as a first display of their intelligence and training, I shall order them to change places. Ready. Go!” (Click deck with little finger and show change has taken place. Hand Jacks back to A. and B.) “You see that they are quite active and very obedient. We shall try them again and place them farther apart. (To A.) Place your red Jack at the bottom. (To B.) Place your black Jack on top. Now observe, I shall not touch the cards,” (Make gesture with the right hand as if to show that this hand would be the one necessarily employed, and as attention is attracted to it, shift with the left.) “but shall command the Jacks to perform a somersault from the top and bottom and meet in the middle.
Attention. Go!” (Click deck, show top and bottom cards, then show Jacks in middle. Close deck with little finger between Jacks, and shift with both hands.) “That was a forward somersault, ladies and gentlemen, but they perform backwards just as easily. I shall show you. Ready. Go!” (Click deck and show Jacks again at top and bottom.)

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