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High Spade

This term designates a method “Of extrinsic betting a poker deal”. Two or more of the poker players put their wagers into a side pot, which is won by the participant who catches the highest spade. Unless it fills a Bush, the high spade, as such, has no bearing on the poker hands. Too much action on high spade distracts the players from poker and considerably slows down the game. Consequently, serious poker players usually discourage high spade and other such games of pure chance. (Why give a sucker an even break?) Moreover, the bets at high spade often shoot up beyond all proportion to the limits of the poker game itself. But most players are sport enough to indulge in high spade on such occasions as determining who pays for the beer or who gets an odd chip from a split pot. Sometimes low spade is played. The ace is high in most poker groups, but some do play it low. Ask.

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Chicago-Seven Card Stud

Chicago is dealt exactly like poker Seven-Card Stud. The big difference is that the high spade in the hole wins half the pot. The probabilities for making the various poker hands in Seven-Card Stud will apply to Chicago--but the minimum staying requirements are much more stringent because the high hand wins only half the pot. In my opinion, anything less than triplets or a pair of aces on the first three cards should be folded at once unless you also have a high spade in the hole. But perhaps I’m a little jumpy about this game. I still re-member losing $40 in a $2 limit game on kings full with the K H down. Someone had the A H, and another player made four-of-a-kind without a pair showing.

Mediocre Spade

The very best hand, of course, contains the .A H down. But the probability of catching this pigeon on the first two down Poker - Get Omaha Tips cards is only 0.038. When the .A H shows around the board, then the .K H becomes high spade. When both the .A H and the .K H show, then the .Q H reigns. And so on. Many loose players string along on a H.10 or even a. H 9 in the hole, in hopes that the higher spades will be exposed before the deal is concluded or that they will catch a higher spade down the river. This folly will cost them money over the long haul. Playing a mediocre spade is sound only if you also have a good shot for the high money, and playing a mediocre hand is sound only if you have a high spade. These mediocre hands will sometimes win all the pot-but if the pot is large, mediocre hands will usually lose both ways. Whenever you are lucky enough to hold the lock spade Poker - About Precision Play in the hole at the outset, I recommend that you sandbag for a few rounds. It is by far better to have five players call a $2 bet than to have one player call a $10 bet-unless you have a good high hand as well as Jock spade. Assuming that the pot will be split, you will win $5 if five players call’s $2 bet, but you won’t win a penny on the betting interval in question if only one opponent calls a $10 bet and wins high money.

Play At Little Chicago

If you have a good chance to win both ways, you may want to slow play poker online until some money gets into the pot. Then bet heavily to drive out as many players as possible, thereby increasing your chances of winning all the money. Sometimes Little Chicago is played, with the low spade taking half the pot. Usually, the deuce is low, but some circles let the ace count low for spades and high in pairs. Chicago is a lot of fun in loose games. But it doesn’t get much action in conservative sessions simply because tight players get the hell out if they don’t hold a good high spade or an exceptionally good poker hand.

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