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High Spade

This term designates a method “Of extrinsic betting a poker deal”. Two or more of the poker players put their wagers into a side pot, which is won by the participant who catches the highest spade. Unless it fills a Bush, the high spade, as such, has no bearing on the poker hands. Too much action on high spade distracts the players from poker and considerably slows down the game. Consequently, serious poker players usually discourage high spade and other such games of pure chance. (Why give a sucker an even break?) Moreover, the bets at high spade often shoot up beyond all proportion to the limits of the poker game itself. But most players are sport enough to indulge in high spade on such occasions as determining who pays for the beer or who gets an odd chip from a split pot. Sometimes low spade is played. The ace is high in most poker groups, but some do play it low. Ask.

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 Poker Slot and Poker Online Promotions

Slot Clubs Comps and Promotions

One of the most common promotions is a bonus on four-of-a-kind (quads). How much would be added to a regular Jacks-or-Better poker game if a casino offers to pay an additional 100 coins on any quads? The Payoff Schedule - Jacks-or-Better shows that the regular 125-coin payoff for quads yields 5.91 % of the payback. With no strategy changes, adding 100 coins to the payoff would add 100/125 of 5.91 %, or 4.73%, bringing the total payback to 104.25%. Perhaps more significantly, even the short-term payback (excluding the royal and straight flush) becomes 101.7%. If you normally play 600 hands per hour then you probably net about 500 after waiting for the hand pay of the extra coins, so your total action is about 500 x $1.25 = $625 per hour. Your short-term expected gain is 1.7% of that or .017 x $625 = $10.60 per hour, and your long-term expectancy is 4.73% of that or nearly $30 per hour! (Although this bonus is not enough of a change to affect the playing strategy, adjustments are sometimes necessary to best take advantage of some payoff changes. Such adjustments would obviously change the final hand frequencies and hence the payback calculations. In such a case, these simple calculations would indicate the minimum increase in payback.) And that’s just on quarter machines. What Poker - The Player's Category if this same promotion applies to the $5 machines? All else being equal, you would have a short term expected win rate of over $200 per hour and a long term rate of nearly $600 per hour.

Promotion of Royal Flush

Another type of promotion is a bonus on a royal flush. A typical such bonus is an extra $199 on a quarter machines, bringing it to $1,199, just $1 short of the threshold for a W-2G report. This would trigger a few small strategy Poker - Get Omaha Tips changes, but the payback increase is quite small so we won’t go into details here. This time, let’s play Deuces Wild. "The Payoff Schedule - Deuces Wild" shows that 1.77% of the payback comes from the royal. The bonus adds 199/1,000 of that or about .35%. Adding this to the game’s 100.75% basic payback gives a total payback of 101.1 %. As you can see, this is not nearly as valuable as the quads bonus, and it’s also a long term as opposed to a short-term increase, but such a bonus is often the best available at the time.

Tournament Play

There are lots of slot tournaments and poker online blackjack tournaments, and more recently video poker tournaments have become more frequent. There are two basic types of tournaments - those with a buy-in, which might be anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars, and those with free entry. For a "free" tournament, the casino puts up the prize money, so your potential loss is no more than the time involved while your potential win is the top prize. These promotions are not generally open to just anyone who wants to enter. They usually are part of a promotion package, such as a room and show, or to slot club members by invitation, so if you like tournaments this is one more reason to join every slot club you see. Occasionally, however, the free tournament will be just that - free. However, you may have to play elimination levels that require you (should you qualify) to remain in the casino for the remaining levels.

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