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High Spade

This term designates a method “Of extrinsic betting a poker deal”. Two or more of the poker players put their wagers into a side pot, which is won by the participant who catches the highest spade. Unless it fills a Bush, the high spade, as such, has no bearing on the poker hands. Too much action on high spade distracts the players from poker and considerably slows down the game. Consequently, serious poker players usually discourage high spade and other such games of pure chance. (Why give a sucker an even break?) Moreover, the bets at high spade often shoot up beyond all proportion to the limits of the poker game itself. But most players are sport enough to indulge in high spade on such occasions as determining who pays for the beer or who gets an odd chip from a split pot. Sometimes low spade is played. The ace is high in most poker groups, but some do play it low. Ask.

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 Precision Video Poker and Poker Online

What Is Precision Play?

Precision Play is a computer-derived and player-proven technique for achieving the best win rate at certain video poker games. This is not the first file on video poker, and it obviously will not be the last, but it is the easiest to use without sacrificing expected win rate. For most players, Precision Play is optimum play. Before Precision Play there were only hand rank tables, such as "guidelines"or "tips" that were often harder to follow than the Precision Play rules even though they fell far short of achieving any game’s potential payback. Some files and cue cards offer simplified strategies that are very costly in terms of payback. In others, the path to success is to, memorize a table. Hand-rank tables work very well for many people - after they get some experience. But although Poker - The Player's Category you would be learning near-perfect strategy, your play might be slower, thus reducing your expected win rate even though you were making fewer errors in marginal decisions. Of course your accuracy and speed, would both improve as you master the strategy, but why should, you work so hard? Playing a game is supposed to be fun!

Precision Play Payback

Precision Play is nearly as accurate as using tables, with the net loss generally less than .02%. Most players would lose more than, that due to errors Poker - Get Omaha Tips when following a hand-rank table. You may wonder how I can claim that Precision Play will yield so close to a game’s theoretical maximum payback when it is simplified for ease of use by a beginner. The answer is that the simplifications are on situations that occur very infrequently and where "the difference in expected value between the computer-perfectly'' play and the recommended play is very small. The total cost of ''such errors" in the long run is very small. You have only a few simple rules to learn, and you will be a Precision player. You’ll be playing faster, winning more (assuming you’re playing a game that offers over 100% payback, or at least losing less if there are no high-paying machines available where you play), and having more fun. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Precision Play vs. Expectancy Tables

To help clarify the advantages of poker online Precision Play, let’s suppose you are dealt (not necessarily in that order) on a full-pay (9/6) Jacks-or-Better with a flat 4,000-coin royal flush jackpot. You could hold all five cards, getting a payoff of 1.00 for the pair of jacks, but that’s obviously not the best play. 10 Should you hold the four-card straight, the three-card royal, or just the pair of jacks? Or would you hold the ace "kicker" with the jacks? Each of these possibilities has to be analyzed individually against the potential long-term paybacks to find out which play is the best. Table 2 tells us that the average EV of A-K-Q-J is .596, the suited K-Q-J (Royal Flush 3) is 1.401, and the pair of jacks is 1.537. (The tables give average EV because in any particular case the actual EV is affected by the discards.) Holding the ace kicker with the pair is not in the table because its EV is lower than for the pair alone at about 1.42. Note how holding a kicker costs you money.

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