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Poker Strategies

Most strategists base their calculations on long term play to get the best average” possible. We offer three different short-term strategies for you to consider In playing straight video. We offer this unique concept in strategies, because, as we said before, almost all players play in the short term. The second is The Royal Strategy. It is designed for those players who want to chase the big progressive jackpots without skewing their draws too much toward the large progressive. The Royal Strategy should return a little less over a short run than the Optimum Strategy unless you hit the progressive soon enough to make it profitable. And that’s the key to making it work for you. It’s a short-term strategy with a great deal of risk to maximize your chances of hitting the royal.

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Card Strategy

The good player increases the stakes in carefully planned steps. Several temporary increases may be necessary before higher stakes become permanent. In some poker games, however, stakes can be increased rapidly. Opportunities to increase the stakes occur when players want –
1. A chance to get even by increasing the bet or stakes in the late hours or during the last round.
2. A more equitable relationship to the ante by increasing the first round or opening bets.
3. A chance to protect a hand by increasing the middle round bets.
4. An opportunity to bet a good hand by increasing the last round bets.

The stakes are normally easier to increase after the b pace increases. Opposition to higher stakes and game infections usually lessens when the resisting player is -
1. Tired
2. Losing heavily or winning big for the evening
3. On a long losing or winning streak
4. Upset by some occurrence during the game
5. Affected by personal problems
6. Drinking.

Interesting Game Phenomena

John Finn starts playing in the Monday night game on June 1960. The game is already seven years old, and the stakes stabilized over the past five years. A dollar is the maximum b and only straight draw and, stud games are allowed. The above data show three interesting phenomenon:
1. When the stakes increase, there is not a proportional increase in the average winnings (money flow). This is because players tighten up their play at higher stakes. An increase in the pace, however, causes a relatively large increase in the money flow.
2. John’s edge odds go up when the pace increases and down when the stakes increase. This is because his opponents play poorer as the pace increases, but more cautiously at higher stakes.
3. An increase in the pace stimulates an increase in the stakes.
These data also show how the increases in stakes and pace affect John’s profits. The doubling of stakes during July, 1962 results in his edge odds dropping sharply from 60% down to 35%. At these higher stakes, he must spend a much greater portion of his income to hold the valuable losers in the game. Some time he turn into the cheats. On realizing this, he drops the stakes back to the previous level and brings his edge odds up to a healthy 65%. Why the big increase in John’s edge odds when he lowers the stakes? After getting a taste of larger bets, the players bet looser and play more carelessly when the stakes are lowered to the old level. A year and a half later, John increases the stakes again ... and this time the increase is more profitable and permanent.
4. Increasing the Edge Odds (36)
The good player designs a game to yield maximum edge odds. The theoretical, maximum edge odds occur only when the perfect player is in the most complex game, under the most confusing circumstances against the poorest poker online players. While the theoretical maximum edge odds can never be achieved, the good player strives to approach them. The perfect situation is represented by completion of The Diamond shown on page 66. The Diamond measures the idealness of a poker game for the good player.

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