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Poker Strategies

Most strategists base their calculations on long term play to get the best average” possible. We offer three different short-term strategies for you to consider In playing straight video. We offer this unique concept in strategies, because, as we said before, almost all players play in the short term. The second is The Royal Strategy. It is designed for those players who want to chase the big progressive jackpots without skewing their draws too much toward the large progressive. The Royal Strategy should return a little less over a short run than the Optimum Strategy unless you hit the progressive soon enough to make it profitable. And that’s the key to making it work for you. It’s a short-term strategy with a great deal of risk to maximize your chances of hitting the royal.

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 Poker Cheats Strategy Online

Dealing with Cheats

A dealer who is adept at manipulating a deck of playing poker cards in one way or another is called a mechanic. A mechanic who specializes in dealing the second card in the deck-thereby saving the top card for himself or an accomplice-is called a number-two man. If the truth be known, accomplished number-two men probably outnumber really skilled cellar men, who specialize in dealing from the bottom of the deck.
I am reluctant to buck the popularity of the phrase "dealing from the bottom." Yet, there are explainable reasons why the unsung number-two man is really the number-one card mechanic, not in fiction or movies or TV, but at the poker table.

Cheats Strategy

First, consider marked cards. They are all but useless in the cellar dealers’ art as such, simply because markings on the backs of the bottom cards would not be in view. The number-two man, on the other hand, has the back of the top card in plain view, and he can save it for himself or give it to any player at the table.
Second, the bottom card remains fixed until the cellar dealer takes it. But the top card changes continuously during the course of a legitimate deal. Thus, the number-two man has a choice of distribution on a number of cards. In a seven-handed game of Jacks, for instance, he sees as many as 35 "top" cards before the draw. Third, casino blackjack created a demand for skilled number-two men, but not especially for cellar dealers, who are foiled by the burned cards on the bottom of the deck.

Fourth, the number-two man need not necessarily resort to pre-marked cards, which are concrete evidence of cheating. Moreover, he ''doesn’t have to stack the deck, nullify the cut, and so on. Most second dealers specializing in blackjack and Five Card Stud ( where the hole card is often all-important) turn a profit merely by peeking at the top card. Peeking can be accomplished by several ways, but it is usually done while the dealer pretends to check his hole card. Fifth, the number-two man can achieve a smoothness that is probably hard for the cellar dealer to match. If the number-two man has talent and if he practices enough in front of a mirror, he can perfect his coordination to such a degree that his second dealing is impossible to see with the naked eye. Usually, a number-two man holds the deck firmly in his left hand.

Dealing with Card

In a normal deal, he pushes out the top card with his left thumb and takes it with his right hand for the serve. When he chooses to deal the second card, he still pushes out the top card with his left thumb; but his thumb then retracts the top card while his right hand takes the second card. Actually, by exquisite control of pressure and movement, he can make the second card protrude an eighth of an inch before he retracts the top card, thereby making the operation smoother. If he is not accomplished enough to start the second card moving out, he must sort of hit the deck with his right thumb after he has retracted the top card. lthough the ruse cannot be detected with the eye if it is properly done, there are several tip-offs to watch for if you suspect someone of dealing seconds. First, notice the way the dealer holds the poker online cards. Most number-two men use the standard mechanic’s grip. in which the slightly beveled deck is held deep in the left palm. The index finger curls along the end of the pack, and the other three fingers crook around the long edge. But bear in mind that because a dealer holds the cards in this way does not necessarily brand him as a number-two man. Also, holding the deck another way does not preclude second dealing. In fact, it's possible to deal seconds with one hand.

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