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Peek Store

In poker another technique, known as a “Peek Store” involves a third party standing or hiding behind players to signal their cards to an accomplice. A couple of friends of mine once built a “Peek Store” into false kitchen cabinets at one of their homes. One cheat would actually be hidden in the false kitchen cabinets and look over the shoulder of the “Mark”. He would then signal the value of the “Marks’” cards to his partner.

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Poker Online Myths

There are dozens of myths and/or misconceptions that have arisen over poker machines that may mislead players into making wrong decisions about where, when, and how to play. It is time that we debunk some of these “myth-conceptions.” Each machine is an independently operating device. Its computer program is set by the manufacturer to a given payback percentage, and the only way to alter it, is to physically change the program chips inside the machine. Poker Myths

Poker Online Rules

Try to find a machine that gives these payoffs. Remember, you’re not eligible for the jackpot unless you bet the maximum—five coins. This means $1.25 on the most popular poker quarter machines. So here are some rules for you: Always bet five coins. You will improve your chances dramatically by drawing correctly to your hands. Seemingly innocuous mistakes can, in fact, be very costly in the long run. And, keep in mind, a one-cent or two-cent error in strategy will amount to a lot in a hurry. If you’re used to playing home poker... Poker Rules

Poker Tips

Video Poker is entertaining only as long as your funds last. It’s not that much fun watching other people, play. Few online poker players are wealthy enough to feed the machines indiscriminately — to use the Royal Flush Strategy for the ultimate thrill at all costs. They’re only trading their “jack” for a “jackpot.” This section may interest them only if they must report their win to the Internal Revenue Service and try to prove their losses equal their gains. On the other hand, most players want their “play money” to last as long as their allotted “play time,” and if they’re lucky, they will turn it into substantial funds for other purposes. Above all, a player must remember not to lose more than he can afford. Poker Tips

Video Poker

Video poker and slots provide a large part of the “jack” to grow the “greenstalk” to support the giant “castles” that seem to spring up in areas where they become a legalized “recreation.” No wonder the new resort builders are returning to famous fairy tales as themes for their mega-resort clubs.
Video poker combines the skill of an age-old, relatively simple game of draw poker with the ease of playing slot machine. These games of “skill” have been gradually outnumbering ordinary slot machines in many locations. Consequently, casinos and manufacturers are finding it difficult to maintain a balance in play between the two types of machines. Larger progressive jackpots on regular slots try to compete with the new exciting varieties of video poker but it’s a losing battle. Video Poker

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