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Peek Store

In poker another technique, known as a “Peek Store” involves a third party standing or hiding behind players to signal their cards to an accomplice. A couple of friends of mine once built a “Peek Store” into false kitchen cabinets at one of their homes. One cheat would actually be hidden in the false kitchen cabinets and look over the shoulder of the “Mark”. He would then signal the value of the “Marks’” cards to his partner.

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 Poker Online Myths

Myth Conceptions with Poker Machines

There are dozens of myths and/or misconceptions that have arisen over poker machines that may mislead players into making Poker - Seven Cards Stud wrong decisions about where, when, and how to play. It is time that we debunk some of these “myth-conceptions.”

Myth 1:The machines are controlled by someone in the back room.

Each machine is an independently operating device. Its computer program is set by the manufacturer to a given payback percentage, and the only way to alter it, is to physically change the program chips inside the machine. Even though the technology exists to design such controls, government regulators as a rule would not permit such a “master switch” operation. They do not tolerate “cheating” by clubs any more than by players.

Myth 2: When a mechanic opens a machine, it will stop paying.

There are no switches, knobs, or screws inside a machine that will change bow the machine is paying. Most of the time a mechanic or floor- person will open a machine only to clear a coin jam or refill a hopper if you have won enough to empty it. There is no way for the mechanic to “set up” a machine to hit a royal or prevent the machine from selecting a. winning hand.

Myth 3: "I have played poker this machine for hours- it is due to hit."

It may be “due” or even long “overdue,” but that doesn’t mean it is “ready” to hit. (As we have said elsewhere, a machine is never “ready” to hit.) It doesn’t matter if you have played a machine for five minutes or five hours; every deal is from a full deck and the RNG (which selects each hand) has no memory of what has happened before. The machine’s accounting memory which keeps track of the statistical information on the machine performance can recall a specific number of previous hands played (depending on the make and model), but the accounting memory has no effect on subsequent hands selected by the RNG.

Myth 4: The change-girl can tell you which machine is ready to hit.

Again, every machine and every play is independent. No one in the club has any “inside information” on which machine is ready to hit. A change-person or floor-person may tell you if a machine has hit in the last few hours or the day before, if they know. They may also tell you if it has been played a lot without recent success. These factors may help you decide whether or not to play the video Poker, but neither is any guarantee that it is ready to pay.

Myth 5: Using a dub card makes the machine pay more often.

The player club cards do not affect the operation of the machine. They will not cause the machine to pay more or less often. Some clubs have modified machines to give bonus payouts if you win with a club card in the reader. However, that doesn’t increase the frequency of the payouts, just the amount.

Myth 6: The professional gambler has a better chance than the tourist.

Every poker online player has the same chance of winning. The machine has no way of knowing if you are a tourist or a professional or if you are tall or short. The machine does not care. It has no feelings or bias. The only edge a better player may have is his ability to choose the best cards to hold. Very few people will throw away a flush or a straight, but it does happen.

Myth 7: The poker online machine pays better if you use cold coins.

The temperature of the coins doesn’t make any difference to the machine. If some coins from the machine are warmer than others, it is only because the inside of the machine is warmer than the outside air. Incandescent instead of fluorescent bulbs in some machines generate heat. The coins get warm in the hopper but soon cool off in the tray. The RNG does not respond to thermal stimuli in any way.

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