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Peek Store

In poker another technique, known as a “Peek Store” involves a third party standing or hiding behind players to signal their cards to an accomplice. A couple of friends of mine once built a “Peek Store” into false kitchen cabinets at one of their homes. One cheat would actually be hidden in the false kitchen cabinets and look over the shoulder of the “Mark”. He would then signal the value of the “Marks’” cards to his partner.

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 Poker Rules

Video Poker Rules

Try to find a machine that gives these payoffs. Remember, you’re not eligible for the jackpot unless you bet the maximum—five Poker - The Player's Category coins. This means $1.25 on the most popular poker quarter machines. So here are some rules for you:

Rule #1:

Always bet five coins. You will improve your chances dramatically by drawing correctly to your hands. Seemingly innocuous mistakes can, in fact, be very costly in the long run. And, keep in mind, a one-cent or two-cent error in strategy will amount to a lot in a hurry. If you’re used to playing home poker at a pace of 30 hands an hour, forget it. You can play so fast your finger will whimper!

Rule #2:

Find the biggest jackpot you can. It’s a poker myth to look for a lucky machine. If you see one slapping down lots of Full Houses, that doesn’t mean it’s in a “cycle.” The machines are not programmed for cycles; they are programmed to give a fair shuffle, which, by the way, is a lot more thorough than any human shuffle. Or, at least, it is on my computer. The first thing you should know.. . Let me take that back. You don’t really need to know this at all, but it’s interesting. The first question of interest is: How much would an ape lose playing this machine? Or, how much would you lose f you were playing blindfolded?

Rule #3:

Never keep a kicker. Let’s say you’ve put your money in a machine and got dealt this hand. Veteran poker players invariably consider drawing two, discarding the Eight and Six. Whenever poker is played correctly anywhere in the Milky Way, you’ve got to have a reason to keep a kicker. What would be your reason here? Could make Aces-up, you say? True, but Aces- up is no better than Kings-up. In video poker, two pair is two pair, and Sixes and Fours is just the same as Aces and Queens. The thing that’s terrific about not keeping the kicker is that you have a nearly 5O’o better chance of catching a third King. And that pays 3 for 1. Remember Rule 1 applies to Three- of-a-Kind, also.

Here’s an illustration.

By the way, don’t even consider drawing two to the small straight. Your choice is four to the Jack of Hearts or three to the Jack-Ten of Hearts. What would you do? The tips to keep in mind is that far more money is paid out by the machine for one pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces than for any other kind of hand. So by throwing the Ten away, you get an extra shot at making a pair of Jacks. On the other hand you sacrifice your shot at the jackpot, because you can no longer make a Royal Flush.

Could you tell me approximately how hard it is to make that three-card Royal? Sure, I’ll do better than that. I’ll tell you exactly how hard it is. It’s a 16,241 to 1 against it. So it seems that this chance might be too remote to merit keeping the Ten. But is it? There’s only one way to know for sure. It’s to find out just how much you’ll get back for a dollar’s worth of bet if you draw three. And how much if you draw four.

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