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Peek Store

In poker another technique, known as a “Peek Store” involves a third party standing or hiding behind players to signal their cards to an accomplice. A couple of friends of mine once built a “Peek Store” into false kitchen cabinets at one of their homes. One cheat would actually be hidden in the false kitchen cabinets and look over the shoulder of the “Mark”. He would then signal the value of the “Marks’” cards to his partner.

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 Poker Tips

Managing Your Poker Online Money

Video Poker is entertaining only as long as your funds last. It’s not that much fun watching other people, play. Few poker online players are wealthy enough to feed the machines indiscriminately — to use the Royal Flush Strategy for the ultimate thrill at all costs. They’re only trading their “jack” for a “jackpot.” This section may interest them only if they must report their Poker - Poker Slot Clubs win to the Internal Revenue Service and try to prove their losses equal their gains. On the other hand, most players want their “play money” to last as long as their allotted “play time,” and if they’re lucky, they will turn it into substantial funds for other purposes. Above all, a player must remember not to lose more than he can afford. We hope these tips will help you to be “cost conscious” and avoid a “cost conscience” that will haunt you later.

Develop Discipline.

Developing discipline is the most important factor in avoiding the pitfalls of playing video poker. Professional gamblers have to develop discipline; otherwise they soon become professional losers. If you plan to play frequently (one or more times a week) or as a tourist (every day of your trip), you need to set limits on both time and money. However, setting limits is futile unless you stick to them. It takes will power to resist the temptation to exceed your physical endurance and your financial resources when playing video poker.

Use Your Will Power.

If you must develop a habit playing video poker, let that habit be exercising your will power, and not becoming a habitual loser. There is no such thing as a “habitual winner.” There are only occasional winners at this game or any other gambling activity. If you have strong will power, great! But be careful. Video poker may take it to the limit. If you’re lacking in will power, don’t go alone. Take along a trusted relative or friend as your “designated monitor” (DM). Tell your DM what limits you have set so that he or she can remind you when you’re about to exceed them. The best DM is someone who does not particularly enjoy video poker or someone with great will power. Avoid playing with anyone who is less disciplined than yourself. Don’t let another “blind-luck” player lead you down a ”blind-luck” alley.

Safety in Poker Numbers

“Safety in numbers” is also a good rule to follow. The larger your party the better. You’re likely to stay too long at a cold machine or keep buying more change if your friends are waiting to go to dinner or to go home. You’ll feel guilty if they’re standing behind you waiting for you to give up. On the other hand, if you’re winning, it’s more fun when there’s someone to share your joy and to cheer for you. Ask the most disciplined person in your party to act as the designated monitor and pay attention when lie says it is time to stop.

Set time limits and make them realistic.

Decide before you leave the house or poker hotel room how long you have to play. One to four hours a time is enough. If you play longer than filet) you’ll get tired. Any game that lasts longer than four hours becomes “work.” Work isn’t fun, it’s tiresome. “Just a little longer” is often the preface to “I should have quit when I was ahead.” Whether you play a progressive machine, prefer straight poker with a 6-9 paytable, or decide to try your luck at the wild card types, don't try to beat the clock. Wear or carry a watch. Remember, there are no clocks there.

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