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Peek Store

In poker another technique, known as a “Peek Store” involves a third party standing or hiding behind players to signal their cards to an accomplice. A couple of friends of mine once built a “Peek Store” into false kitchen cabinets at one of their homes. One cheat would actually be hidden in the false kitchen cabinets and look over the shoulder of the “Mark”. He would then signal the value of the “Marks’” cards to his partner.

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 Video Poker

The Dominance of Video Poker

Video poker and slots provide a large part of the “jack” to grow the “greenstalk” to support the giant “castles” that seem to spring up in Poker - Get Omaha Tips areas where they become a legalized “recreation.” No wonder the new resort builders are returning to famous fairy tales as themes for their mega-resort clubs.
Video poker combines the skill of an age-old, relatively simple game of draw poker with the ease of playing slot machine. These games of “skill” have been gradually outnumbering ordinary slot machines in many locations. Consequently, casinos and manufacturers are finding it difficult to maintain a balance in play between the two types of machines. Larger progressive jackpots on regular slots try to compete with the new exciting varieties of video poker but it’s a losing battle.

Poker Online Mania

Despite the Industry’s attempts to maintain the slot-video poker balance, video poker is gradually tipping the scale in its favor. This mutant progeny in its infancy and adolescence promise to overshadow its predecessors. It is no wonder, then, why Slot Machine Mania has given birth to Video Poker Mania. As video poker Mania escalates, everyone wants a piece of the action. Would be experts try to cash in with system to beat the machines and/or books which outline “sure-win” strategies. Mathematicians, college professors, weekend players, clubs employees, and ‘professional” gamblers have given it their best shot. Until now, though, we haven’t seen any authoritative strategies written by someone who has designed and built video poker machines and its online poker rules. Video Poker Mania fills that void.This explains the simple math behind the machines, the percentages of payback, and the clubs hold percentages. It shows why no system can guarantee winning all the time, contrary to all the books that say, “Use this strategy and you will have a 102 or 103 percent payback.” You are plainly not going to get it! at least not with consistency.
poker online machines are designed to pay back a certain lesser percentage of what goes in, and - by the grace of a computer chip — they will do that. For instance, in a short term, you might pt in a few coins, hit a jackpot and walk away a winner. At that given moment the machine’s payback percentage is in your favor, depending on the size of the jackpot. However, the longer you play any machine the closer it will approach its “hold” percentage, that is, the casino’s win percentage. This long-term play almost always proves the percentages out and gives the house that proverbial edge. What better reason could you have to keep your playing sessions short, and hopefully, sweet?


To help you tackle this built-in edge, our review outlines three types of strategies: the Optimum strategy, the Royal Strategy, and the conservative Strategy. The Royal is for high-risk, high-roll gamblers looking only for the big jackpot. The Conservative is for the recreational player with limited funds who wants the maximum playing time for investment. The Optimum is for the player who wants to make the machine at least pay back it’s built in percentage, at the same time, try to tip the odds in his favor.

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